Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heebie-jeebies or creepy-crawlies, just get them out of my house!

A few days ago, I was downloading some images onto my computer and there were quite a few shots I didn't recognize.  Among other odd and rather disgusting shots (boys!), there were an array of pictures featuring different bugs John had found around our apartment.

Of all the bugs in the wild, wild world, spiders are the crawlies I hate the most (cockroaches are a close second).  Just seeing pictures like these give me intense "heebie-jeebies" that cause full-body shudders and uncontrollable itching.

Even worse, I know these hairy, eight-legged monsters are in my house and unless I throw a massive hissy-fit with spittle flying, arms waving and screaming at very high decibels...John will leave the nasty arachnids to their own devices rather then smashing them into harmless goo as they ought to be.

All of you spider-savers out there can "go pee up a rope" as my father used to say.  Like every other insect that can, spiders bite me and there is no way I am "okay" with letting them live in my apartment. The superstitious among you might believe killing spiders is bad luck...I DON'T CARE! I promise I won't break any mirrors, okay?

So after all the spider images, I see this....

Can someone please tell me, what the hell is that?  Otherwise I am just going to chalk it up to a miniature alien invasion...and I don't want that in my house either!


Anonymous said...

Kimberly, I am with you. At my house, using a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with double-ought buckshot would NOT be an over-reaction to those things.

I use Ortho Home Defense, it's relatively inexpensive and readily available at Home Depot, Wa-Mart, etc. About $15 for a 1.5 gallons. Spray around the baseboards, etc. They say it works for six months but I use it every six weeks or so. Also works very well for spot treatment,such as when you spot one on a shower curtain or something.

Anonymous said...

That looks like what we call a stink bug. Cuz it stinks when you crush it.