Friday, March 23, 2012

House of the week: Camelback cottage on Delachaise

Although I love looking at huge houses with 5+ bedrooms, gargantuan dining rooms and mammoth kitchens, in truth I really don't need a whole lot of space. Naturally if I bought a house I would like at least one extra bedroom for guests, but otherwise I am perfectly happy with minimal furniture and a few bookshelves. I don't own a lot of of tchotchke, knickknacks, baubles or kitsch, so I don't require a ton of display space. A cozy little cottage with lots of charm and style and a little bit of outside space is fine by me...that's exactly what I found.

On Delachaise Street, less than half a block from Magazine, I found this adorable camelback cottage that seems to be just my size. It has two bedrooms (one of which is in a loft) and one bathroom, hardwood floors, high ceilings and a cute, built-in kitchen. It has a great backyard space with just enough room to entertain and a precious little porch with room for a couple of rocking chairs on which to lounge and watch the world walk by. You know what else is perfect? The location! As I said before, it is really close to Magazine Street with Mahony's Po-Boy Shop around the corner, it's only one block from Louisiana Avenue and only five blocks from St. Charles (a.k.a. parade route). The most amazing aspect is that this little gem is actually in my conceivable price range listed for only $219,000

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