Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pure torture....

I realize the big gossip surrounding yogurt these days concerns Pinkberry, the California born franchise that is making a big splash in the Uptown community, offering samples of their nonfat goodies even before the real opening day which just happens to be tomorrow, Friday, April 16th.  Choosing a location right across from Whole Foods on Magazine Street was a stroke of genius...who wouldn't notice a healthful dessert shop so close to the only healthful grocery option in town?

I suppose if I lived in that neighborhood, I would be more jazzed about Pinkberry, but what has me all a flutter is the new yogurt shop opening up in my 'hood, Pure Yogurt Culture.  Among the many new eateries throwing wide their doors in the Carrollton neighborhood, Pure Yogurt Culture is attempting to succeed where others have failed by opening yet another dessert option within one block of Camilla Grill.  The competition is stiff in this neck of the woods where you can find a Cold Stone AND a Baskin Robbins within walking distance of its intended location on Hampson Street...not to mention the ever popular New Orleans Original Daquiris.

The suspense is killing me and I find myself frantically rubbernecking every time I drive past, trying to get a glimpse of their progress.  Ever since the signage went up for Pure Yogurt Culture, the windows have been covered in large sheets of thick, white paper...making a view inside impenetrable even to my snooping eyes.  At night I can see dark silhouettes moving behind the papered windows and my angst grows even more, knowing the owners are growing ever closer to opening their doors....but when?

To be perfectly honest, I hope Pure Yogurt Culture leans away from the "skinny" trends and leans more towards full fat, full flavor frozen yogurt with lots of healthful, and not so healthful toppings.  As you know from my "cheat" blogs on, I have no interest in seeking out dessert that is good for me..  I look forward to trying a new dessert spot in the Riverbend as I have definitely exhausted all the rest.  After all, why should Magazine Street have all the fun?

Until, the opening of Pure Yogurt Culture on Hampson Street, you'll probably catch me trying to sneak a peek in their window from time to time, tapping my fingertips on the glass, chanting "Open, open open..." like the woman in that annoying Mervyn's commercial.  Who knows?  Maybe I won't have to wait that much longer, therefore lessening the chances of making a fool of myself...or not!

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Melinda Taylor-Kelly said...

I am also waiting for this as well! I am excited beyond belief...and getting a bit annoyed by the WHOLE waiting thing!