Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Pure Silk" at the Whiskey Blue

The only time I ever recall visiting the Whiskey Blue, I was short on funds and decided the best way to appreciate my circumstances was to blow credit I couldn’t repay on some expensive cocktails.  Shalom and I wandered into the hotel bar wearing jeans and flip-flops, plopped down onto the stools and ordered a couple of Mojitos…that turned into four.  I remember that later that night, we roamed around the city trying to find one it’s equal and although there were some runner-ups, we still craved the fresh, crisp flavor of first one we had at the Whiskey Blue.

Yep.  It was that good.

When I returned to the Whiskey Blue a few days ago, I have to admit I was tempted to get a Mojito and relive old memories through a couple of sips.  But, I decided to live in the now and ask the bartender for a special.  If you ever meet her, I’d advise you go with Ashley’s suggestions. This time, she recommended a drink from the bar’s menu dubbed Pure Silk.

Showing her local colors, Ashley will tell you she was raised in Destrehan and attended Archbishop Chapelle High School in Metairie while effortlessly composing the perfect mixed drink served with a little flair and a lot of love.  After one sip I deemed this cocktail my new replacement for the Mimosa. 

Pure Silk is an ethereal synthesis of St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, Belvedere Vodka, basil and grapefruit juice.  I loved the distinct herbal, honeyed nose from the Elderflower liqueur merging delicately with the pungent aroma of freshly muddled basil.  Tangy, freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice adds the needed element to lift all the flavors together into a light, refreshing cocktail…perfect for summer mornings in the Crescent City.

As I sipped the end of my cocktail, I was thinking about all the things I had to get done that afternoon, all of the chores in front of me.  I was in the midst of getting my things together when Ashley smiled brightly at me and asked if I would like anything else.

I just wish Shalom was there with me when I drank that incredibly perfect Mojito…

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