Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Completing the timeline...

Ultimate Roast Beef Po-Boy...I must go back and do it justice!
When I started my cheats, I was working for a local website doing something completely opposite to writing, well opposite to creative writing that is until I started blogging about my diet. Since my former employer no longer lists my pieces online, I decided the time had come to fill in the blanks. After all, www.sucktheheads.com wasn't even in existence when I began.

So, if you are interested, you can go back and see my cheats from week one where I gorged myself on an Ultimate Roast Beef Po-Boy from Joe Sepie's in Harahan. Unfortunately, we did not possess the bad ass camera we have today and most of the photos either suck or don't exist. I do apologize for lack of porn.

I really must stress that a lot of things have changed since those blogs were first published. For example, Antonio's on Maple Street is now Singha Thai, J'anita's has moved to the Rendon Inn on Eve Street and Dick & Jenny's have a great new chef with what looks like a wonderful new menu that I am really anxious to try...really!

But, now the whole record is here and you can see how long I've been working on reducing the size of my ass. Will I ever make it to my goal? Who the hell knows, but I've gotta keep on trying. Enjoy!


Trish D said...

I had this roast beef sandwich for dinner tonight...with onion rings!

Rob Fanguy said...

I haven't been to Joe Sepie's yet. My Grandfather and I used to get sandwiches from Grand Central Po-boys, the resturant that occupied that spot in Old Jefferson for my entire childhood, many a Friday. I grew up two blocks from there. I thought to go there this week, but ended up at Southern Po-Boys by Picadilly instead. Sepie's Roast beef looks better.