Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Twelfth Night treats at Maple Street Patisserie

There are a whole slew of reasons I am excited about Mardi Gras this year. For example, my weight loss combined with the skills of the most wonderful chiropractor in the world (Ky's Chiropractic Clinic, 2926 Canal Street) has enabled me to walk for a minimum of ten blocks without any back or hip pain.  HOORAY! For the first time in years I will be able to enjoy the parades without being an ornery ass (John is all smiles about that) and without the need for alcohol to numb the pain. Now I can just drink to get drunk!

Additionally, since my work schedule has drastically altered and I am not stuck in an office all day long, I can get out to the route early, save my spot and scream for beads till my voice gives out.

To start the season right, for this week's cheat, I have already planned my dessert! Ziggy Cichowski, the master of pastry at Maple Street Patisserie (7638 Maple Street), has created some gorgeous King Cakes that are already selling off the shelves. I have pre-ordered a Bavarian Cream beauty for this Thursday, but they are also featuring other flavors like cinnamon, praline pecan and some fruit-filled wonders like strawberry and blueberry. Let King Cake season begin!


NOJuju said...

Oh yum, king cake. Every year I think I want it so bad, until I have it and then I'm all... "huh! why did I think I needed that?"

Frolic said...

That cake looks great. How much are they?

Unknown said...

Doesn't it? For the Bavarian Cream I paid $18 plus tax. I am going to wolf a slice down after my cheat lunch today in a couple of hours :)

Laila said...

OOOH, that looks fantastic! I cannot get enough King Cake-Haydel's, Randazzo's, Cake Cafe, Sucre, Rouses's-wherever, bring them on! I will have to pick up one of these beauties as well!

Peter said...

Just ordered a creme cheese one for the office. You should be getting a commission!

Unknown said...

Thanks Peter! Let me know how you like it ;)

Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin said...

Kim! I'm so happy to hear Dr. Ky has been of great help to you! Everyone else I've sent there has been happy with their results as well.

I got a king cake (cream cheese) for my friend's daddy's birthday. Everyone loved it!

Have you tried the kalamata olive foccacia at Maple St. Patisserie?
Get there early, they run out of it quickly or you pre order it.
You'll love it, promise!