Monday, June 24, 2013

House of the week: Greek Revival on Prytania Street

When I first moved to New Orleans from the Bay Area, I lived in a one bedroom in-law behind a gorgeous old house (that was broken up into apartments) in the Garden District. After long days filled with trying to find my furniture (now THAT'S a story) and sending out resumes to different job prospects, my shih-tzu Pippin and I would spend long afternoons strolling around our neighborhood. We felt that we couldn't have been luckier, Pippin had tons of flora to mark and I got to live in a place where I could wander among overwhelmingly beautiful, massive, well-kept mansions, most of which had been around for over a century. It was not surprising that Pippin and I would stay out, walking around for several hours before thirst and hunger drove us back to our little refuge on Harmony Street.

Although I love my current 'hood a lot, I brag about it all the time, there are definitely days when I wish I could be back amidst all that history, wealth and splendor. I think to myself, "What if I could live there again?" Well, I am sure the old in-law is going for much more than $775 a month these days, so I'd have to buy a house...what about this one?

On the corner of Prytania and 7th, less than three blocks from where I used to live, lies this ravishing Greek Revival house that was built back in 1876 that we had passed in our walks a countless number of times. With over 7,000 square feet of living space, this house boasts seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a lovely front porch and gallery, tall ceilings, hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and an in-ground pool in the spacious backyard. This "quaint" abode lies only a block away from St. Charles Avenue (a.k.a. parade route) and only four blocks from Magazine Street. Too bad I don't have a cool $3,200,000 to drop on this beauty...I don't know, is seven bedrooms enough? 

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