Friday, April 6, 2012

House of the week: Cottage on St. Phillip

I often use the word "cute" to describe some of the houses I have found, but this one had me "awing" with my head tilted to the side and a blissful smile on my face, a reaction that only got more pronounced  that as I watched the visual tour.

Right on the edge of the French Quarter on St. Phillip Street lies this adorable little cottage that almost looks like a child's drawing from the facade. All that's missing is a cotton ball tree, some "w" shaped birds and a big, smiling sun in the sky. Built in the 1800's, this house is so precious it hurts...seriously...and features all of the classic New Orleans architectural goodies I love, plus a really cool extra. It's is a cozy, one-bedroom affair with high ceilings, original mantles, hardwood floors and exposed brick walls, but there is also a delightfully charming courtyard that separates the main house from an irresistible, two-story guest house! This addition is even more precious than the main house, if that's even possible, complete with a spiral staircase leading to the bedroom and it's own kitchenette and bath! I think this house is a steal at $515,000 because it's just that damned cute...but that's just me.