Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sundae on Thursday

After John and I stuffed ourselves silly with Chinese food at Jung's Golden Dragon last week, I took his hand and literally dragged him about two-doors down the block to enjoy a delicious, sweet dainty from Sucré. Okay, it wasn't a was a sundae! Specifically, it was a Sucré Sundae with chocolate & caramel sauce, chocolate gelato, chocolate croutons (yes, I said croutons), cocoa nibs, a ton of whipped cream and a perfect chocolate macaroon on top. We also got a couple of creamy café au laits.

When our sundae was brought to the table, all heads turned to follow the procession, most of which belonging to women. John made a sly comment about attracting his next girlfriend and though, I had to give him the crusty-eye, I couldn't help but agree. After all, it's not babies, diamonds or expensive cars that make my pupils's chocolate!