Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween envy: The Revenge

Sometimes you come across a house that doesn't have a horrifying, overall appeal, but there will be one particular piece that stands out. For example, the rest of the decorations on this home were simply not that spectacular. There was, however, this one "pièce de résistance" dangling oh so creepily from a huge, hoary oak tree out front.

“For my part, I have ever believed, and do now know, that there are witches.”
-Thomas Browne Sr.


Kevin Faulkner said...

Here's the complete statement by Browne for you to place it in its proper context-

It is a riddle to me, how this story of Oracles hath not wormed out of the world that doubtful conceit of Spirits and Witches; how so many learned heads should so far forget their Metaphysics, and destroy the Ladder and scale of creatures, as to question the existence of Spirits: for my part, I have ever believed, and doe now know, that there are Witches; they that doubt of these, doe not only deny them, but Spirits; and are obliquely and upon consequence a sort, not of Infidels, but Atheists. Those that to confute their incredulity desire to see apparitions, shall questionless never behold any, nor have the power to be so much as Witches; the Devil hath them already in a heresy as capital as Witchcraft, and to appear to them, were but to convert them:

Sir T.B. also believed in angels and was a scientist coining words such as 'electricity' into language. Today's scientists also believe in things which seem to appear to contradict their scientific credentials such as the sanctity of their own nation-state to justify manufacturing the hydrogen and atom bomb.

Which (pun intended) scientist is worth trusting, one who believes in angels or one who justifies the creation of the bomb?

Unknown said...

I appreciate the information! Thanks :)