Friday, August 28, 2015

Tuning out

I want to be her again. Blissfully unaware, biding my time, plotting my escape to a place that finally understood and accepted me, exactly as I was. This moment was only one year before I made the move. This moment was three years before the levees broke.

My heart is wrenched recalling this moment because it took too damn long to find my home. My heart is wrenched recalling this moment because it was pulled from my grasp after only two short years of euphoria

My heart is wrenched because this place, while it still somewhat resembles the paradise I lost, is rapidly becoming the place I ran away from ... and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

Should I run again? Or should I stay and find whatever solace I can among the remnants? Where would I run to? 


Anonymous said...

Keep the faith, darlin'. New Orleans has been around a LOOOOG time, and the center holds! Love, a long-time ex-pat and old friend Who is still hungry to return!

vicki said...

After Katrina, I asked myself the same questions.. But every alternative had it's own negatives.New Orleans had the most positives. So we rebuilt our lives here.