Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Captivating Coquette

If you didn't already know, Coquette is easily one of the best restaurants in New Orleans ... and in a city where incredible restaurants are a dime a dozen, that's saying a whole hell of a lot. Like Patois and Boucherie, I try to visit Coquette as often as I can, but the last meal I had was over four months ago with one of my best friends, Lorin Gaudin.

In case you haven't noticed, I am playing some serious catch-up. I've dined at more restaurants than I can write about (or have time to write about) and it's well past time to get these places all in the hopper. I'm working on it! And yes, I have written about Coquette before, but can a place this stupendous ever get old?

On Lorin's advice, we started with an appetizer called Buffalo Apples where crisp, green apples were sectioned and deep fried in a tempura batter and then drizzled with hot sauce, blue cheese, celery and walnuts. I've probably said this before, but I am not a big fan of Buffalo Wings, but I could eat those apples all day long ... and then some.

We also shared a bowl of rich, Smoked Pork Gumbo with mustard greens that was garnished with a soft-boiled egg and crispy, fried pig's ear. Although not traditional, Coquette's trumped up version had me swooning and to be perfectly honest, one bowl was simply not big enough for the two of us.

For our entrees, we both opted for sandwiches. Lorin chose the Pastrami with apples and braised slaw on house rye served with French fries. I got Ham Sandwich with huckleberry, cheddar and heirloom tomato.  We shared both sandwiches and both were just fantastic what with house-made pastrami and tasso, how could they possibly be otherwise? I also couldn't stop stealing French fries from Lorin's plate. Thankfully, she didn't seem to mind.

Finally, for dessert (oh yes!), we shared a plate of gingerbread donuts with pumpkin ice cream, house made of course. Is there anything this restaurant can't do? I'll most assuredly be back soon ...

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Anonymous said...

Coquette is my very favorite restaurant in the city. My husband and I had our wedding dinner here two years ago and eat here as often as we can.