Tuesday, July 16, 2013

House of the week: Cottage on Pearl Street

Before I started doing these house-of-my-dreams posts, I would spend hours searching real estate websites and endlessly harassing my boyfriend John. "Hey baby, check out this house. It's only two blocks from the streetcar!" or "Oh my God, you have to look at this house, it's less than a block from the parade route and it has a claw foot tub!" It got so bad that if he noticed I was searching real estate online, he would put on his headphones and crank the music, ignore me, shoot me crusty looks, plug his ears and chant "lalalalalalalala!" or simply leave the apartment.

Now, I can turn to you dear readers (and non-readers a.k.a. cyberspace) and exclaim "Check out this gem of a cottage on Pearl Street!" Located in the Riverbend, quite close to where I live now, this cute three bedroom and two bathroom home sports over 1,600 square feet of living space with qualities I look for like floor-to-ceiling windows, hardwood floors, transoms, fireplace mantles, Craftsman-style arches and shelving, stain glass windows, a cute little backyard and a wonderful, shaded front porch complete with swing.

This sweet little home is only one block from the streetcar and only three blocks from some of my favorite spots on Maple Street like Satsuma Cafe, Maple Street Patisserie, Ba Chi Canteen, Maple Street Bookshop and more. This little dream house is actually reasonably affordable listed at a paltry $329, 900. What do you think? Would you live there?

By the way, thanks so much for listening to my house raves (and rants). John certainly thanks you, too!

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