Tuesday, February 19, 2013

House of the week: Sidehall on Gallier Street

Sometimes the strangest, most insignificant things will sell me on a house. One small architectural or design detail will get stuck in my head and wham, I'm sold. Who cares if the plumbing is shot! Did you see that stained glass window of a duck? Adorable! Thankfully, my significant other is around to deter me from making inane purchases, especially on something as expensive and life-changing as a house. But it still doesn't prevent me from falling in love...

For example, during my latest bout of self-torture, I came across this little beauty in Bywater. Located on Gallier Street, this cute, colorful sidehall cottage has many of the classic New Orleans architectural details I love from heart pine floors and high ceilings to a claw foot tub and French doors. But, the "piece de resistance," the feature that made me squeal in delight, was the booth-like kitchen table. Insane...no? Though these are the things that drive me.

Plus, this darling cottage is located in that big, booming area of Bywater where Pizza Delicious, Satsuma Cafe, Booty's Street Food and Elizabeth's are all only mere blocks away. It's also super close to Markey Park where the Mirliton Festival is held every year. It doesn't really matter what quirkiness I love about this house, though, considering this three bedroom, two bathroom, 1,896 square foot cottage is out of my price range, listed at $398,000.


Celeste said...

+$200 a square foot? No thanks!

Unknown said...

I know! But isn't it cute? ;)